Tips: Home Staging for DFW Homeowners

6b Hello DFW! Did you know that studies show that buyers form their opinion within the first 15 seconds upon entering a home or a property for sale? To achieve best results house or property staging is the best solution! Why? Because it doesn’t only helps sellers impress the potential buyers but also aids in pricing the property right! Here are some tips for DFW Homeowners!

Staging a House: 5 Tips for DFW Homeowners

Staging a house is a big undertaking. It takes hard work both indoors and outdoors. These tips can help get you started. For additional help, you can consult a local interior designer who specializes in staging.

  1. Pull Furniture Away from Walls and Windows – In lived-in homes, it’s common practice to arrange furniture like easy chairs and sofas against a wall.
  1. Strive for a Gender-Neutral Master Suite – The tastes of prospective buyers may vary, and you want your home to appeal to as many folks as possible.
  1. Paint Over Vibrant Walls with Chic Neutral Hues – That rich red accent wall could turn away buyers. If you have walls with bright, vivid colors, paint them a fresh, clean neutral color.
  1. Increase Appeal with Unused Spaces – If you have a small room that serves only as a catchall for clutter or an unused spare bedroom, bring in pieces and decor to make the space seem more functional.
  1. Illuminate Your Home with the Right Amount of Lighting – Lighting is important for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. In addition to high-wattage overhead lighting, use table and floor lamps to add more light. Placing a lamp can help draw attention to beautiful furniture and focal points in a room.

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